I help people design and build their amazing ideas, products and services.

Like Joshua Baker, founder of Made by Cloud, with whom I built Pure Sports Medicine.

Working with Steff has always been a pleasure. On top of being a skilled front-end developer with design acumen, he’s a genuinely nice person. If you’re looking for help with development I highly recommend him!

Like Scott Basgaard from Human Made, with whom I built Fusion’s soccer platform for the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

I had the privilege of working with Steff on a WordPress.com VIP site, FusionSoccer. Steff is fast, pays great attention to detail and best of all is a real team player. His ability to work under pressure, given a very tight deadline, was very inspiring and we couldn’t have done it without him.

Like John Oxton, UX lead at Scholastic, with whom I worked on a wide variety of projects, including a new store for their incredible books, a platform for children to write their own books, a place for teachers to share resources, and more

Steff is a genius. Occasionally we throw together a seemingly impossible proof of concept request, just to see what comes back. Without exception what comes back, insanely quickly, is even crazier than the request we first submitted. Watch him, he's going to take over the interwebs!

About the studio…

By There is the indepedent design and development studio of Steffan Williams. Since 2008 I've been designing, building and growing websites for myself and clients.

From individuals and agencies, to startups and large-scale businesses — including Fortune 500 companies — I've been lucky to work with some amazing people and help realise their ideas.

Originally from South Wales, my studio is now based in Exeter; primarily working remotely with clients worldwide. So whether you're local, or further afield, I'd love to start a conversation and see where that leads.

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I love to build meaningful products with people that share the same passion and values as I have. Whether you need design and UX, front-end development, CMS integration or even web app development, no idea is too big or too small. If this feels like you, let's talk.

…and even more fantastic people.