Whether it's to discuss a project, ask a question, or just say hey — I'd love to hear from you!

As this is a small, but busy studio, please include the following basic information when contacting me about a new project:

  • Timeline. I am currently available for smaller projects.
  • Budget. An estimated budget for the project. This determines how much time I can allocate to your project, and lets me advise you how best that time should be spent.
  • Scope. Include an outline of your project and the expected deliverables; design, front-end development etc. I have no problem signing NDAs prior to this if required; all client work is treated as strictly confidential unless otherwise stated by you.

If you're happy with the above, please send an email to

“Steff has worked on several projects with me, ranging from rich interactive experiences to established online publications and beyond, delivering great front-end digital solutions. Working with him has always been a pleasure. On top of being a skilled front-end developer with design acumen, he’s a genuinely nice person. If you’re looking for help with development I highly recommend him!”